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Guardiola hails Haaland’s exceptional attitude as Manchester City prepares for Arsenal clash

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s coach, has spoken out on the challenges of stopping Erling Haaland, their star striker, ahead of a crucial game against Arsenal.

During a recent interview, the coach revealed that he believes keeping Haaland at bay is a daunting task, and the only way to win against him is to play as a team.

Guardiola emphasized the importance of being an athletic team to counter Haaland’s attacking threat. He advised that the best way to limit Haaland’s involvement in the game is to have more possession of the ball, which worked well for them in a previous game against Borussia Dortmund.

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However, Guardiola acknowledged that the upcoming game against Arsenal would be a challenge, with numerous transitions and duels. Arsenal’s plan is to play an aggressive game, with man-to-man marking all over the pitch, making it difficult to press the opposition.

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When asked about Haaland’s first ten months as a City player, Guardiola had nothing but praise for the Norwegian striker’s exceptional behavior, mood, and love for football. He commended Haaland for his exemplary attitude on and off the pitch, which has impressed both the team and the coach.

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Guardiola’s advice to stop the Norwegian striker involves being an athletic team and having more possession of the ball. However, he admits that keeping Haaland quiet is a daunting task, and the only way to win against him is to play as a team. Guardiola’s admiration for Haaland’s attitude on and off the pitch highlights the striker’s crucial role in the team’s success.

Watch the full press conference via the video below.

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