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John Stones praises City’s performance in 3-0 victory over organized and athletic Wolves

Manchester City defender, John Stones, has praised his team’s performance in their 3-0 victory over Wolves in the Premier League.

Stones highlighted the difficulty of playing against Wolves, who are known for their organization and athleticism. He acknowledged that his team had to be patient to get the goal and break down their opponents’ defense, but ultimately they were able to do so successfully.

Stones also addressed the team’s performance in their previous match, where they were not at their best. He revealed that the manager made it clear at half-time that they needed to hit the ground running and play with more tempo in order to set the game.

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He said, “We knew today we had to hit the ground running and get off to a good start, playing with tempo and that set the game.”

Despite not having seen the comments made by Pep Guardiola, Stones knew what the manager had said at half-time and what he expects from the team. He said, “I knew what he said to us at half-time and what he wants from us and what he knows we can do and us as players when you are not playing as well as you can and in the second half we came out and showed it.”

John Stones’ solid performance and leadership on the field helped secure the victory for Manchester City, and his words reflect the team’s determination to improve and perform at their best.

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