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Jack Grealish hails Manchester City’s win and his crucial goal in top-of-the-table clash

Manchester City’s winger Jack Grealish has spoken out following the team’s thrilling 3-1 victory over Arsenal in the Premier League.

The victory has put City on top of the table and Grealish played a crucial role in securing the win with a goal that he described as “so important.”

In a post-match interview, Grealish said, “It was massive, for me it was a great night. That’s what I’ve wanted to do. I wanted to come and affect these big games. To score tonight was so important, honestly, I was absolutely buzzing for myself and the team.”

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Grealish went on to describe the goal, which came from a pass by Ilkay Gundoğan. “I know Gundo and I knew he was going to pass it, he’s so unselfish, him and Kev. I’m trying to go back across, as it was coming, it felt like ten seconds, I was going to try and reverse it, but I know Ramsdale from our time at England. I was due one of them, a deflection to help it go in. It feels so long. The longer you go without a goal, the more you do.”

Jack Grealish celebrating his crucial goal against the Gunners
Jack Grealish celebrating his crucial goal against the Gunners

The winger also spoke about the importance of the game, saying, “You get them games where you speak amongst yourself that everyone seems so concentrated on the game. I was so in the mood, staying off my phone, we had to win today and luckily we did.”

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With this win, City has won 11 Premier League matches in a row against their title rivals and has put themselves in a strong position to challenge for the title. Grealish’s crucial goal will be remembered as a turning point in the match and a key factor in City’s success

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